Are You Faced With Probate?

The loss of a loved one is a difficult, emotional event. Sorting out his or her affairs becomes a burden, especially as you go through the grieving process. If your loved one has died intestate, or without having made a will, this process becomes even more stressful and taxing, as their estate must enter probate. Probate involves a long, confusing and often overwhelming legal process.

In this situation, you need an attorney who is compassionate, knowledgeable and willing to assist you as much as possible.

Compassionate And Dedicated

My name is Victoria J. Roberson and I can help you through this complicated process. With the multitude of deadlines to meet and other time-consuming tasks, the guidance I provide will result in a smoother, less stressful experience.

Indeed, if the estate of your loved one has been placed in probate, I can help you better understand your situation. I will take the time to sit down with you and inform you of every step of the probate process. After that, I will personally take care of as much as possible. Especially in this very difficult time of your life, the burden of probate is a heavy one, and I want you to feel at ease as we move through this process.

Regardless of whether you have worked with my firm before, Victoria J. Roberson, PLC, can help you through probate.

Get Help Now

In order to avoid probate, it is best to formulate an estate plan for you and your loved ones. However, I am available to ease the burden of this arduous process. If you find yourself facing probate, contact Victoria J. Roberson, PLC, today at 804-839-3000 to schedule an appointment.

My firm is located in North Chesterfield, Virginia, and I represent clients throughout Chesterfield County and the greater Richmond area.